Promoting my ebook – Catchy – humorous poems on cats.

Original creative painting by Kizel, poem by Julie Watson, taken from the book, “Catchy” – 13 original humorous poems for all ages

Nugget – Black Villain

Nugget – Black Villain,

He reads Thomas Dylan

When He`s not roaming `round on the prowl.

If another creeps,

on his patch while he sleeps,

you will hear him stop purring and growl.

He owns Freeman`s  Bay,

You`ll not find any strays

They`re too scared to encroach on his ground.

They tread quietly and whisper,

not moving a whisker,

in case they`ll be spotted and found.

And so the word spreads,

to all cats, “Hide your heads!”

any hideout he`ll find and will bug it.

He`s a force to be reckoned,

all rivals come second,

He is known as the Black Villain Nugget.

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