Tena koutou katoa.  Join me on this blog, as I share with you, my passions and interests. 

I will serve up some tips, suggestions and strategies for working with children (have been teaching primary school aged children for the past 47 years, specialising in teaching children with specific needs : autistic, aspergers, all the dyses, developmentally delayed learners to name a few.

Along with what I have been doing for the past 47 years, I will provide you with posts about healthy living along with sharing my passion of pyrography.

Come along with me for the ride…it will be fun if nothing else.


Photo of our backyard…lush native NZ trees and shrubs.   In foreground left, is a flax, in front of a fern…in the canopy up from the ferns, with the thin, straight leaves is the rimu tree.   The thick trunk seen in the right hand side of the photo, is a mamaku.   It is estimated to be 100 years old.   That is old, in NZ terms… 


Photo is of further along into the back yard, with a garden blooming with growth of annuals, exotic shrubs, along a strip of lawn.   

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