Wow!! This wonderful dish was brought over to me, yesterday afternoon, while I was working and watching some Aussie open tennis coverage. How fortunate am I to have an award-winning chef living next door…she was a chef at Treetops, Rotorua and she had a successful eatery establishment called Artisan, which she owned and ran at Lake Rotoma for a year around 2010?

She took some dumplings from the freezer and slipped them into a broth of chicken stock, NZ east cape corn, some rice, celery green, carrot, cardamon, lemon grass, and seasoning. This was simmered for around 3-4 minutes, so dumplings could cook in the broth.

(Cardamom (sometimes spelled cardamon) is a spice with a strong, perfumey, resinous aroma, and a sweet flavour. It is commonly used in Indian and Arabic cuisines, both in sweet and savory foods, and in drinks.)

When I asked the name of the dish, she said it was #shutupdumpling soup. We each had a plate of the said dish at 2.00pm yesterday, and felt so nicely full and didn`t need any else to eat until breakfast this morning.

Along with her cheffing skills and talent, she is a photographer of some brilliant pictures. Having just returned from a 2 week camping holiday, with her son, along the East Coast of the north island, nearly to Gisborne, NZ, she is keen to show the world some of her work. Here is her instagram site where you can view some of her photos. She is truly, an amazingly clever, very humorous, creative, mum of an adorable nearly 7 year old, (whose birthday is Feb 29). The said chef has a degree in bio-chemistry to boot!

Follow these links to catch more of 1lunghudson – who describes herself as – “miracle baby for middle aged shit magnet, leds to rosy utopia – chef, photographer, humourist”.

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