After the heavy rain

We are blessed here in NZ. We have ample water supply from natural rainfall in most places. Changes over the recent years, have had an impact on us as global climate change is just that…global. We are down at the bottom of the world where we are forgotten about, unless there is something incredibly special occuring (eg Pike River disaster in 19.11.10 and the series of earthquakes around the top of the south island, with Christchurch, (4.9.10, 22.2.11, Kaikoura 14.11.16 and settlements in the environs of both places.)

We are described as having a temperate climate and here in Rotorua, we are blessed with very good rainfall. The source of our domestic water is from springs tucked away in Neil Hunt Park. It takes 100 years for the water to filter through the land and come out at a small spring at the base of a hill. The water is covered from the source through the filtration system and into the dispersal pump stations placed around the city.

The heavens opened with a “good” soaking over the later part of the weekend and with heavy downpours over Monday and Tuesday. The temperature has been in and around the 20 degrees C here in Rotorua, so you can imagine the growth of the plant life. Check out the rasberry canes and the rhubarb.

There is a lot of new foliage growth…only a few raspberries, however that is often the case when the water supply is more than ample.
You can see the damage by that lovely specie of fungi..
Raspberry Leaf Spot is a plant disease caused by Sphaerulina rubi, an ascomycete fungus.

I plan to have a break from preparing for our new school year starting in the first week of February when I complete this blog, and go and trim back, the damaged foliage. I will give the bush a wee shake, to get rid of as much water as possible, as in this heat, the fungi will just take over more leaves. I`ll post again when I have done that. I will be careful by cutting the plant leaf stalks, just below the join of another stalk.

This needs harvesting, trimming and clearing the dead and dying foliage to attempt to limit any plant disease developing. I`ll post and show you.
Just for fun, I`ll attempt to untangle these climbers, add some more height to the bean structure so that the climbers can go higher. If not, we will be limited in our bean harvest as the growth of beans as well as the plant will be curtailed and in some cases, stopped.
Have started to clear the debris around the bottom of the plant. Still some more to go around the back. A friend has asked for a plant, so will show you how to start a new plant from a base.

My harvest for today! Over 4 kgs. I`m washing in cold water in the sink prior to wiping and cutting, before cooking. Cut out any blemishes.

Here is the result…sliced and added to water that is being brought slowly to the boil, prior to turning the heat down and simmering. I am going to make cordial (the recipe is part of the Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb post.) I slice all stalk fruit and veg on the angle, because my Mother did! (Heather Watson 1924-2013)
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