Coconut Oil is one of the best oils with which to cook?

I tried a keto diet, half way into 2018. I managed to stay on it for 7 weeks, but it was futile to keep going. I felt dreadful and did not lose fat from my flabby under arm, buttocks and thigh area. I had purchased a lot of products, including a 750 gram container of coconut oil. At the end of my attempt to go keto, I had a mountain of fat food I had purchased. I gave away products, that would not be consumed by my household, but I kept the coconut oil. So pleased I did, because it has been great to cook with. It cooks at high temperatures, stopping the characteristic burning, when other oils are used. The food being cooked, e.g. sauteing mushrooms, have their flavour enhanced with the coconut, not overtaken by it. So now, I saute and lightly fry foods with it. I haven`t tried roasting meat or vegetables in it yet, but I will do so soon. Below is a link if you want more information about the product.

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